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About Samuel Lingo, MBA

Samuel is a Financial Advisor at Lifetime Financial Growth (LFG). LFG is a regional privately held wealth management firm with offices in 6 states and 10 major metropolitan cities in the mid-central United States. The firm ranks among the top financial services firms in the country, with over 280 Financial professionals, serving more than 75,000 clients. 

With a decade-long journey in the finance industry, Sam began his career in 2008 administering life insurance and disability insurance programs for The Florida Bar Member Benefits. He specializes in comprehensive financial planning, prioritizing asset protection to safeguard his clients' financial futures.

What makes Sam stand out is his meticulous attention to detail, strong ethical standards, and unwavering commitment to delivering value in every financial plan. He takes great pride in providing excellent service to his clients while remaining deeply rooted in the Evansville community. Sam proudly serves residents of Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, and Florida. 

Sam strongly believes in pairing life insurance and disability income insurance with retirement plans to create comprehensive financial plans. As a dedicated Financial Advisor, Sam's mission is to protect his clients' most valuable asset—their ability to earn income—ensuring their financial security for years to come.

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About LFG

LFG's mission is to provide excellence in service and innovative financial product design to help our clients reach their financial objectives in the creation, maximization, protection and enjoyment of wealth by advocating for them to make informed financial decisions which reflect their value system, love of family, and commitment to community.

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I'm always looking to meet new individuals and families. Whether you're just getting started or about to retire, I'd enjoy meeting you and discussing how our approach can transform your life.   

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