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Pay it Forward and Help Improve Someone's Financial Life

We instinctively want the best for those we care about. And that probably includes wanting them to have financial confidence. Well, you can help improve someone's financial life!

Adults talking at a dinner party
Samuel Lingo is a Financial Advisor at Lifetime Financial Growth

All you have to do is share some information. The next time you talk to someone you care about, I’d love for you to share these key points with them:

  • We don’t instinctively know or understand the principles of financial decision-making. It seems to be one of those subjects simply not taught in high school, college or even grad school.

  • There are no second chances when it comes to death, disability or even a lawsuit.[1] Putting the right protections in place is crucial.

  • You can often obtain protection with little impact on your cash flow.

  • You can prepare today for whatever life may have in store tomorrow.

I can help with all of the above. And you can help improve someone’s financial life by paying it forward and sharing my information below. Or reach out to me directly, I can help with your financial life too.


Samuel Lingo, MBA

Lifetime Financial Growth

4847 E Virginia St, Ste B

Evansville, IN 47715

(812) 515-1123


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