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In the newsletter, The Finance Fix, we'll uncover why millennials may become the richest generation in history, explore reasons behind rising home insurance costs, and discover why more companies are shifting to four-day workweeks.

Millennials may become the richest generation in history

The boomer generation has amassed about $80 trillion in wealth, and over the next few decades, their children could inherit this wealth. Will this be millennials’ best shot at recovering from their economic setbacks? Or will boomers spend it all on healthcare before passing it on? Learn more

Home insurance costs are rising

Did you know that living less than 100 feet from a fire hydrant could qualify you for lower home insurance rates? The same is true if you have a home security system. While rising claims from floods and natural disasters are driving up home insurance costs, there are steps you can take to potentially lower your premiums.  Learn more

30% of US companies are exploring shorter workweeks

A new survey of CEOs reveals that almost one-third of US companies are considering four-day or four-and-a-half-day workweeks. While this idea is still in the experimentation phase, CEOs are eager to see how this approach could improve employee well-being and potentially reduce costs by creating healthier work environments. Learn more

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